Sunday, October 21, 2012

and on to lust.........

I picked this picture cause she is too fucking hot!

Ever lusted after someone and you just cant explain why?

You see them, and you WANT them?

Some days you look at them and BAM,  like a ton of bricks,  it floors you??

Steals your breath and for that instant, your brain CEASES to work....

You cant think of anything but throwing them down, and having your way with them,  right there on the spot!
You can feel your eyes trace their body,  from head to toe,  and you want every single inch of it.

Im a sucker for mechanically inclined men. 
(and cream filled chocolate donuts)
I get turned on when I see a man roll out from under a car.
Even better if you put your hands on me while still covered in oil.

The smell of "car" is just plain sexy.

If you can fix something,  Ive got something that needs fixin!

I also  like it when a man touches me in a way that implies ownership......
A public ass grab......maybe a quick swipe of your finger on my breast.......TOTAL hotness...

Mind you,  I dont want to be pawed at and groped in public,  but a quick gesture,  so that I know you want me,  so that I know  that you consider me  YOURS....
I also wouldnt be opposed to being thrown over your shoulder, or dragged by my hair to the nearest corner....(ok, kidding....maybe)(I like a little pain with my pleasure)

I dont throw that kind of lust around often,  but when I do,  I kind of fixate on that person. 
Im one of  THOSE broads...  

I get just a tad bit nuts...
I want to the point where it causes me physical pain,  and I enjoy it. 

(Did I mention that I like a little pain with my pleasure?)

Yes, Im freaky (you can blame crazy lovefor that one).....but you already KNEW that.


  1. My brain ceased to work without any of that.

  2. Could you please talk more about your lust for Mila Kunis, slowly.

  3. I am all of the above excepy the fixated part. Mila? I have loved her ever since Black Swan.

  4. Mila is in my top 5 girl crushes. She's slipped a little now that she has the stink of Kusher on her, but I get why she's with him, so I try to be kind.

    I love a little possessive grab ass too. It's amazing that when it comes from a place of confidence as opposed to from a place of insecurity how damn hot it is.

    I like to throw a little back his way sometimes. For instance, I love it when some guy some where is checking me out, and his eyes get to follow me as I walk up to Hubs and lay on one him. A little hey baby, he wants me, but I'm all yours.

  5. Damn - after reading THIS, my lug nuts are WRENCHED !

  6. I never really look at or flirt with little Hispanic hottie,

  7. Interesting guide to your life in the last two posts...

    Loves... er 3 or 4 I suppose...

    Lusts - too numerous to mention but hey that is probably true of all blokes! Oh there goes another one... ;-)


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