Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Apple is out to get me.

My ipod is being a vindictive bitch.

It is determined to play songs that remind me of all my past loves....

or maybe it was the post I did, that got me to thinking...

I was 8 months pregnant packing up my entire life so that I could leave that Naive Love...while listening to Selena.

I ran into Crazy Loves baby mamma  in the womens bathroom at a Metallica concert.  There was a long line,  and we got to chatting about our first concerts...........  (didnt know who she was until after the concert in the parking lot, when I watched her walk away with Crazy Love.  Small world huh)

My first concert was M.C. Hammer.......please hammer dont hurt me.
Vanilla Ice was supposed to perform,  but that loser didnt even bother to show up.

(There!!  You now have an embarassing fact to blackmail me with if the need were to ever arise.)

I know you may think this post is all over the place,  but its not,  it makes perfect sense....keep up with me people....

Last night,  the bitch threw out some Selena at me,  got me thinking about some painful memories...
This morning the bitch played Whiskey in the Jar by Metallica,  made me think of Crazy Love,  then the bitch played Ice Ice Baby,  which reminded me of the conversation in the womens bathroom and how the bastard didnt show up for my first concert.  See??? makes perfect sense.


  1. I followed that easily! To quote from one of my most recent favorite songs, "Funny how a memory, sounds like a melody...."

  2. i need to advise you to dump that bitch to me. ill be more than happy to adopt your ipod. ;-D smile please

    just me,

  3. I love how music can take me back to a place, a person, a time when I was someone else.

    I also love with the musical universe starts sending you messages. Now, the iPod, hey, you put the songs there, so you can expect a little push back. But if the radio starts talking to you, well maybe you should pay attention. Your subconscious is pulling all that to you for a reason, find out what it is.

  4. My ipod just lost all of it's songs the other day and I've followed all the instructions to get them back on but can't figure it out!!!

  5. hi dear
    ı like your blog and ı m your new follower

    1. Welcome to my world....Duygu Senyurek!!!
      I just dropped by your place, and I must say you are GORGEOUS!!!
      Please drop by often, my male followers will LOVE IT!!!

  6. It is obviously a conspiracy, throw your Apple device down the toilet. Or mail it to me.

  7. You're so lucky that you've seen MC Hammer live.

  8. I'm with Van Helsing (kind of).

    Shit-can ALL Apple products. They're Of The Devil.


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