Thursday, October 4, 2012


Things I dont understand:

people that actually believe that people can change.

why Apple refuses to make its products to be compatible with the one before it.

people that treat their dogs like humans....Hello! does the word ANIMAL mean anything to you...

why I can sleep all morning on the days I have to go to work,  but Im up at 6 on my days off

why the Dilda still has a job

why women act like jealous little girls.

why im obsessed with crafting blogs,  when I DO NOT CRAFT

why im subscribed to so many mommy blogs, when  they kind of annoy me.

why i dont un-scribe to said mommy blogs.

why anyone would believe words without actions to back them up

why it only takes a 2 day absence from the gym for my ass to drop to the back of my knees.

why the Dilda still has a job.. (oh wait,  I said that already,  I wonder about that one an awful lot,  and come to the conclusion that maybe she has a naked picture of someone in a compromising position)


  1. You might be right about that last one. I've wondered the same thing about some people, including some celebrities.

  2. I had to laugh at the one about you subscribing to crafty blogs.....maybe because you want to be craft some day?

  3. I LOVE Mommy Blogs. I go to 'em and leave PARAGRAPHS of 4 letter words, just to REEK HAVOC on their prim and proper blogs & lives.

  4. Then, I go over, romance them and then fuck said mommies and then they hate me. Go figure.

  5. I often wonder why I follow so many crafting and mommy blogs too. I'm not even a woman and you are.

    Well, most of the time, I'm not a woman..

  6. I have wondered the very same thing about SO many people at my office. And to be honest, myself included on occasion.


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