Monday, October 8, 2012


Things are shitty right now.

I wont go into specifics,  but its just been one big Shitfest around here......
Screw Oktoberfest,  come on down, and get a gander at Choleesas Shitfest....
Ive got steins and steins of shit to spare with anyone who would like a mug.

But that is nothing when I compare it to this......

That is a picture of birthday balloons on a little girls grave.

My cousin burried her daughter when she was 11,  today would mark her 16th birthday.

In all my complaints,  I still have BOTH my children with me.

I have never had to bear the burden of burying one of my no matter how shitty my world is right now.....I am reminded how truly blessed I am....

Rest in peace baby girl.


  1. If we are are alive and breathing we are.

  2. Things were pretty shitty for me a few hours ago, but I lived through it....

  3. I can't imagine living through the loss of a child.

  4. You summed it up perfectly....we are more blessed than we realize at times.

  5. i couldnt even imagine doing that. just thinking it makes me shiver.


  6. things are pretty shitty here too, but you know how it is... it gets shitty, it gets better. it gets shitty, it gets better. and through it all.... there's always someone who has/had it more shitty than us. i feel guilty for being thankful for that.


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