Friday, November 30, 2012

a Tease or two....

Ok,  about the nineties.............
Why oh why didnt someone point out the ridiculousness of this hairstyle?? (and maybe hand me a pair of tweezers.)

Do you see the bangs???  really??? ( sidenote,  this is a picture of me at 15 seeing my very first stripper)
Yes,  there are those bangs least I was skinny

yeah  super tease to the rescue.....

Just absorb you understand HOW MUCH Aqua Net was required??

Sorry its grainy,  but you CAN see the bangs...

Oh dear God.....what the..........?

PINK hair??

oh dear,  these curls also required some hairspray...

shaking my head
apparently, I change my looks often.

Ha!! Not a SINGLE drop of hairspray for this  ^ one
oh,  big hair again...

There arent even words.....

?? Did I think I was making a L.A. Gear commercial??

Oh poor santa!!!

You're welcome!

The End


  1. I'm really digging the one with the blue top and the braids, LOL. Holy picture fest!

  2. Yep, we went through cans and cans of hairspray around here. Even my boys! All I can think of that time now is... lung damage! Oh, and the thick coating of that nasty stuff on every surface of the room it was used in. (in our case, the bathroom)

  3. Holy Cavalcade of sprayed hairiness !

    Good thing nobody lit a cigarette next to you in the 80's ! Neither YOU OR this blog would exist !

  4. I love the eveloution of tits through the years. Great tight ass you have there.

  5. Very pretty. And I wonder what year women decided to trim brows?

  6. ....also, just happened to notice....there appears to be a guy cropped out of damn near EVERY photo, lol.

    "The MANY LOVES OF Cho....."

  7. The many PIPES did you say?????

  8. All of the people cropped out were girls except for ONE...
    thank you very much...

  9. That big pink bridesmaid dress is resplendent!

  10. Oh Choleesa.....we ALL had hair like that back then.

  11. Hot, hot, hot, hot, hot, who's the boss Alyssa Milano hot, hot.......CHAPS!!!

  12. love the glasses look, shy and sexy!


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