Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Because Im boring

Why do you guys keep coming back??  Im not interesting at all!!

This weekend I did nothing...
Well, nothing interesting....
I went to a baby shower, and I won a game.....
The game was a "questionnaire" of television children...
for example:  Name the five Huxtable kids....
                          Name Darth Vadars Children...

I won.
Not only did I win....but I WON!!!
I finished way before anyone,  and I got every single one of the questions correct....


When other people had 6 or 7 correct,  I got ALL 15 questions CORRECT...
How sad!! 
How many hours of my life did I waste in order to be the "winner" of THAT game??

On Sunday.....(THE LONGEST DAY OF MY LIFE....)
I woke up at 6:45,  only to discover with the time change that I woke up at 5:45....
My Sunday morning ritual, is I get up before anyone,  make myself some coffee, and watch some uninterrupted  TV -  When they get up, then I go about my day...

This Sunday...I sat on my couch long enough that I began to actually plant roots....
I sat there on my big brown couch, and I trolled facebook, only to discover yet again, how boring I am.
My "friends" are out traveling the world....one in Hawaii, one in Rome, ones traveling for work,  and one just decided to fly up to Oakland for a football game....while I read about their adventures....ON MY BIG BROWN COUCH.
Suddenly seeing visions of an oversized Choleesa,  skin growing, attaching itself to the couch,  with a crane necessary to remove me upon my death,  I decided to get up.
I decided that maybe Id get to working on my bucket list....(What I SHOULD have done, was work on my Bucket List POST...but I decided to tackle one of the easier things first) 

One of my items is to read Modern Libraries list of 100 best novels....
I figure it to be one of the easier things, cause I LOVE to read....and Im a hop skip and a jump away from the library.

I decided to start from the bottom and work my way up....cause in my head #100 will be more boring than #1 and if I get bored with #1, then I will NEVER complete the list,  and I think Id hurt myself if I couldnt accomplish at least THIS one easy thing on my list..

Well,  Choleesas World being the bitch that it is...... Numbers 95 - 100 are not even available at the library,   but not to be dissuaded, I just kept on searching until I found some books  on the list that were actually at the library...and the one I chose to start with:  "A room with a view" 


Those British sure are some wordy fuckers.....

I am BORED!!!

The cover declares it to be a "whimsical comedy" written abouts 1908...I have yet to laugh at anything other than the fact that I am forcing myself to read it.
But, I will keep on reading until I am done with that book... Unless it puts me into boredom coma first...
The fact that the book looks like it has never been opened should have been a clue....and now Im wondering....


Are they  the same fools who nominate crappy movies for awards??

Mon Dieu!!!


  1. Replies
    1. Its a pity read, I know. But Ill take it anyways

  2. If it makes you feel any better, I have shows that I watch diligently and can't recall the names of the characters.

  3. So you should actually feel proud. Maybe you're queen of the boring people since we wait excitedly for your next post...lol.

    1. I have always aspired to be the queen of boring.

    2. It's a joke you know Cho. I think you are very interesting and funny. I call one of my friends, a self-proclaimed nerd, the "queen of the nerds".

    3. Barfly, you worry far too much about how your comments are perceived. My response to your comment was dripping with humor and sarcasm. I think you should just stop giving a fly......
      Please try to remember with whom you are conversing. : )

  4. I don't have a bucket list, but I know all about being boring. My ass is intimately familiar with our big brown couch.

    Long ago I had to accept that I have low brow (sp?) tastes in books. Rare is a Classic that I enjoy.

    Good for you getting up off that couch on a Sunday morning though. That shit isn't easy to do.

  5. I told myself awhile back I was gonna read the 100 also as I think I've only read maybe 2 of them if that. Still trying to get around to that. Another thing I said was I was gonna learn a second language. Still haven't gotten around to that either.

    1. Howzabout I teach you some spanish??

  6. I would revise your list to "read the INTERESTING books on the best novels list." Because seriously, life is too short to be reading boring books.

    1. well, Im gonna give it another go, maybe it just takes a while to get going. But you ARE right

  7. My Bucket List contains NOT reading the best 100 novels, so I guess I can check THAT shit off, now.....


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