Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Wanted: One filter!


I hope everyone had a nice Thanksgiving...
Mine was well..............interesting.........

ever heard that saying : 
"you dont truly know a person until you get drunk with them"??

Well,  I got to know some people pretty darn well....

Thursday was spent with family,  and I got to see the love of my life, my niece...I do adore her.

 (Please excuse my tired face...I TOLD you I was out the night before DRINKING...and drink I did, and my nose looks oddly HUGE)

Friday,  I went to go see a movie....breaking dawn part 2...........

Saturday I went to some hobby shop which quickly turned into a nasty nasty fight, which then put my ass in bed, pouting for the rest of the day.

Sunday I went shopping, and came home with nothing for me,  so there was no therapy in it.

Still boxing...getting better, or so I thought....

I worked my ASS off last night,  I literally hit the stuffing out of the punching bag....

ok, so the massive man before me did most of the damage,  but I swear,  some of the stuffing fell out when I hit it.

Then I hit the mitts.....mits??? with the trainer for a while,  feeling pretty good about myself,  until boxing hottie, came over and told me I was hitting like a girl........and that if I continued, Id get spanked.......

Well, Choleesa feeling like a kicked puppy responded in her true form...which would be speaking BEFORE thinking:

 "Promises, promises"

Yeah,  yeah,   I know. I know.


  1. Kick ass and take names Cho. Hope you had a great Thanksgiving. Mine was great because it was three solid days of drinking....and not by myself this time, lol.

  2. Def hoping for the spanking part.

  3. Yup. I woulda said,...."Spank away!"

  4. your thanxgiving seems like blast. spanking is hot lol

  5. Lol. "Cho watches Twilight films".....that's an INSTANT ONE POINT DEDUCTION off the Heff Scale, Missy !!!

    1. It makes me more interesting DAMN IT!!
      I gain my point back with my talent!

  6. i have to admit that i have seen 3 of the twilight movies.

    not in the theatres.. that would make me gay. i've done it the proper way... in the darkness and solitude of my den...

    1. My "gay" hubby took me to go with HIM to see it in the theaters....


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