Friday, November 16, 2012

I had a bad day yesterday. 
(which would probably explain the stupid post about a stupid person who didnt even deserve the attention)
I had a bad workout the night before, which really dragged me down off the punch drunk high I was on.

Wednesdays  workout was a big fat huge wake up for me.
I thought I was doing good up until then,  but then I tried to wrap my own hands....figuring I should learn,  and stop relying on boxing gym hottie to wrap my hands for me....(lest I should lead him on.)

Well,  massive failure,  my hands came unwrapped somewheres along the line, and when I pulled my boxing glove off,  the wrap came with it....(picture if you will,  someone walking out of the bathroom with toilet paper dragging from their foot....yes they are about equal in humiliation)
Bad wrap = bruised knuckle. 
Its actually bruised this time. And slightly painful.
Then a girl about my daughters age started hitting the bag next to me,  and no lie,  this little bitch scared the shit out of me.
Totally  made me NOT  want to spar
for fear Id end up in the ring with her.
I went home feeling like a massive failure....
But then yesterday I put my big girl balls on, and went back. 
And I gave it all I had,  bruised knuckles and all.
I told the trainer, that I was serious about learning, and that I wanted to hit like "THAT" girl....
Maybe he hadnt taken me seriously until then,  or maybe he was just waiting for my big girl balls to show up,  but I got a real good lesson.

oop, excuse me for a moment....

(Im back,  I guess people have heard about my big girl balls being on, as I was just called to use my forklift skills...who the hell puts a full pallet in the back of a VAN??  sexy huh, a forklift driving bruised knuckle woman)

Now every single muscle in my entire body........including MY TOES ache and throb......and are screaming in agony...
I have discovered muscles I did not know existed.

And I have also discovered that I have absolutely no hesitation when it comes to blocking a body shot,  maybe its the mom thing, where it is just instinct to protect your womb.  Cause I do it, without a thought,
But swing at my head.....and I dont seem to care.  For some reason,  I do not react to a swing at my face.

Go figure.


  1. i can definitely relate. Thursday was a really bad workout day for me too. for some inexplicable reason, i got a crippling sidestitch less than 2 minutes into my run. i felt like a fucking pansy and was so pissed at myself fot not being able to push myself farther. i took the day to feel sorry for myself, and got back on it the next day. keep up the hard work... there are always "off" days, but they'll get fewer and farther between.

  2. "There's NO 3 knockdown rule, Don't hit below the belt, come out swingin', protect yourselves at all times.....LET'S GET IT ON !!! "

  3. Keep on fighting. BTW, it's ok to "accidently" hit below the belt when you are learning...


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