Wednesday, November 21, 2012

rantings and giblets

I have never really been a big Thanksgiving dinner fan.

I have no "beef" against Turkey,  but I dont drool over the thought of it.

I do not really have any fond Thanksgiving memories....its never been a really big holiday in my family.
While my sister LOVES Halloween,  I am a Christmas girl,  (and not just cause thats the anniversary of my birth)

I love the lights,  the sight and smell of a tree,  the presents,  the songs.  The whole shabang!!

But I have digressed.

Thanksgiving....I was nearly guilty of skipping right over it, to Christmas.

I do love stuffing!!  

I make a killer sausage stuffing....(get your minds out of the gutter,  I didnt say stuff me with a sausage)
My dad isnt a football fan,  so there was no football on Thanksgiving,  until I got married,  and any local family I had,  had other family to spend the day Thanksgiving was really just another day  except with Turkey.

But I do love the thought of Thanksgiving.  I like that there is a day set aside to give thanks....and one day, when I no longer live in my hovel,  I want to be the host of Thanksgiving dinner. 

So in the spirit of the Turkey I give thanks for:

my kids.....I am so truly blessed by these two. 
I am always being told how lucky I am to have them as they are so well behaved, and so pleasant, respectful...but damn it,  let me just say that luck had absolutely nothing to do with it.  It was hard work,  it was suffering,  it was tears,  it was disappointment, and alot of sacrifice,  it was also discipline.  I was not afraid to discipline my children.  What this country needs is to stop being pansies, and stop raising pussies,  and start disciplining your bratty little rugrats....Im not saying beat your child,  there are plenty of creative ways to punish a child.....for instance,  if you threaten your child,  follow through, or dont threat at all,  there is nothing worse than watching a parent  BARGAIN with their kids to get them to behave....who is in charge??  and for the love of GOD,  please do not allow your child to scream throughout the store.........THAT SHIT ECHOES!!! take their asses home if they cannot behave.  There is nothing in that store that you cannot live without for another day. ....Stop worrying about whether or not your kids like are not their friends!!!

Oh,  and maybe put your childs needs before your own once in a brought them into the world,  they ARE your responsibility.

Again, I digress....

I am also thankful for:
my "health"
my roof
my job
food in the fridge
the few friends I have
my family
my sidepiece...
and yes,  believe it or not,  I am thankful for you faithful followers...........
Its nice to know that someone out there is paying attention.

Happy Thanksgiving turkeys!!!


  1. I agree with you wholeheartedly about disciplining your kids. I always had to be the heavy around here, because hubby is a marshmallow!

    Happy Thanksgiving, T!

    PS: About turkey... I'd rather have chicken!

  2. And I am thankful for you too.

  3. Happy Thanksgiving! And yes, people need to grow up and be the adults and discipline their children.

  4. happy thanks giving. i love chrismas as well. when is your birthday? ;-)

  5. Also, show us your giblets!

  6. I'm all about the stuffing and mashed potatoes.


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