Monday, November 5, 2012

Not my original topic

Guys,  I think Im going insane.

No all joking aside,  I think maybe I might have a problem.....
I hear "phantom" noises from my phone. 
It teases me. 
I hear the ringtones for specific people,  I check the phone,  and nothing. 
It makes noises, I reach over and  pick it up and NOTHING!!
We arent talking normal phone sounds that I could be mistaking as mine from someone elses phone, 
My phone is original....
For instance,  in honor of the upcoming holiday,  I have my email notification set as a Turkey gobbling....
(Last month it was a werewolf howling, next month will be something Christmassy....)
One persons text message ring is the sound of an evil laugh....(cause its unholy, the things we text about)  another one says: "hey beautiful, you got a text message"  and I know no one else around here has that notification....another one is set as the mexican hat dance.... you get the point......
So either Im going insane, or Im extremely desperate for some human interaction and.....

So,  does anyone elses phone mess with them??

Am I the proud owner of a possessed phone, or am I the one who is possessed??

Original topic will be posted tomorrow....I know you cant hardly wait right?


  1. You might need a phone doctor, or a psychiatrist... I'm not sure which.

  2. Trinket of SATAN ! ALL cellphones fuck with their owners. It's all part of the Democrats evil plans....

    1. Heff "trinket of satan" too funny, that is my phones new title!! that also explains the evil laugh it spews out for no reason at all....

  3. gadgetry is evil. thats why i love it so.

  4. Ummm...I'd like to set your mind at ease but...that's not what I do.

  5. I can't wait for the original post. I've been sitting here all night waiting.

    Has your phone spit pea soup at you yet?

  6. When you answer your phone and a weird voice tells you that you are going to die in 7 days, that's the time to get worried.

  7. Is there anyone who could have manipulated your phone? You'd be amazed at what can be done to them...

    1. To be honest Red, it can all be a figment of my imagination......


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