Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Still punching

Hey all!!

Not much new in my world,  I AM still boxing...oh yeah,  Im quite the professional now....NOT!!
But I do LOVE IT.  I wish I would have tackled a bucket list years ago...I am feeling REALLY good about myself right now...

I have so much less tension and stress.  I look FORWARD to going.  My blood sugars have been right on target! 

I was  dead set against sparring at first,  but now,  Im thinking that eventually I might give it a try.....How else will I measure what I am learning unless I actually get in the ring??

OH, and I met a man.....

LOL,  sounds like Im going to tell a story huh???


Everyone there is really friendly and helpful. 
This guy offers me his jump rope as it was longer than the one I was using..."Thanks"
Then he shows me a few moves.........which was nice, as I AM still new....
The next day  he wraps my hands for a very un-touchy manner
And since everyone there is so helpful,  and he is NOT  the only one to help me out, I think nothing of it....

But then........
He invites me to a party.
I decline stating that I had a baby shower to attend.....Which I did.
Then he says I should go AFTER the baby shower......I said the shower would be over pretty late, as it was more of a shower/get together and it was people I hadnt seen in a while....

At this point, I am wondering if this guy is trying to pick up on me.... he had made absolutely NO obvious moves that would say "hey, Choleesa, I wanna hook up with you"

So not wanting to be THAT girl who just ASSUMES that everyone wants her,  I did not mention that I may just be married....

I mean an invitation to a party does NOT equal hook up,  or else I woulda been getting it on at the baby shower.

As I am leaving,  he is waiting by the door....."so you coming to my party?"  
Now, Im in a pickle.....why didnt I mention I was married before???  Maybe the invite extends to any significant other I may have....I told you its been a while,  I had a kid at 16,  by an idiot that I had been "dating" since I was Ive NEVER been part of the dating scene, and he still hasnt really made any obvious "gestures" (for lack of a better word)  And I dont do subtle....

What if he is just being friendly?. 

So I just say,  "wheres it at?"
He hands me his number,  and as Im walking away,  he says: "hey"
I turned around and he says:
"dont bring sand to the beach"
I say: "huh?"
Cause I just didnt comprehend what he was saying so he repeats it: "dont bring sand to the beach"

So I turn to the girl next to me and say "HUH?" 


So I ask my male followers,  does allowing a man to be nice to you automatically get taken as available and interested??
Im not at all stupid,  but when it comes to these things.....
Im pretty insecure.......sometimes I find it hard to believe that someone would be interested or attracted to me.


  1. A you a woman? Did you speak to this man? Then fact, that's all a man needs to make his move.

  2. Cho,
    Brutal honesty from a dude. My co-blogger Ben has a theory and I agree. Everything a man ever does in his life - every little action is all about attracting women. From giving flowers to robbing a convenience store to commenting on blogs....everything is based around female attraction.

    So, answer is yes, of course he's attracted to you. Is he trying to make a move? Maybe. Just remember, the ball's ALWAYS in your court.

    1. Change attraction to attention. It's all about female attention.

    2. So you comment for attention??

    3. I guess the theory is true, huh? LOL.

  3. Glad you're still enjoying the boxing, that rocks.

    I say get used to being hit on in there. You're a hot chick who gets off on pounding shit. That's hawt.

  4. I would have never thought you were that naive.

    1. I just dont want to believe that people will only be kind when they want something.

  5. Cho, you are totally hot, from what I've seen. Men are born with the mentality to hunt and conquer. That goes for food and women. Hey, at least I know what "don't bring sand to the beach" mean now.


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