Thursday, December 20, 2012

a VERY dry Choleesa

Last night I went out to one of the local missions to photograph their Christmas Decorations.....
sorry,  I didnt think ahead enough to actually download the pictures so I could share my photographic genius with you....
But I will share this.....

which is why the hubs is NOT a photographer.....
anywhoo,  its been a while since we as a family have done anything, so hubs decided to take us out to dinner before hitting up the mission.
He didnt tell me we were going out to eat,  and since I was lugging my "big girl" camera around, I decided to leave my purse at home.

We get to the restaraunt, and its one of them steak houses that sits you with a bucket of roasted peanuts while you wait to  be waited on....
I smell the peanuts and INSTANTLY want a beer....

(My son is a big boy,  he is genetically engineered with large broad shoulders and add the daily weight lifting.......hes pretty buff....the hubs is a big boy too.....he is genetically engineered to have a large beer belly,  so when the four of us go out,  I have to sit with the son, and hubs has to sit with the we can fit.)

I ordered my stein of Stella,  and she asks for ID. 
Of course,  I dont have it.... and little miss "cant be over 19 teeny bopper" waitress says,  "Im sorry,  I cant serve you without an ID"
and I laugh,  and say "seriously?"
she says "yes,  Im sorry,  can I get you something else, some iced tea perhaps"
and I point at my kids and say "these are mine,  I BORE them,  and this one here is going to be 21 in a couple of weeks"

little miss "cant be over 19 teeny bopper" waitresses eyes POP out of her face. 
Still no beer though,.....

As husband sips on his Hefeweizen  and eats his peanuts,  I shoot him the death glare........
nobody carded him! 
I declared that he should not be drinking a beer, since I could not,  OR  the ass could have ordered himself TWO beers, and slid one over....

The husband decides to ask the waitress to call the manager over....
He comes, and also declares that he cannot serve me a beer without a valid ID.
States the law, and how much trouble they could get in and blah blah blah............

NO BEER for Cho!!!

I had to eat my yummy  Rib Eye perfectly cooked while sipping on a diet coke.....

If they were so concerned about the damned ID law......why didnt they ask my hubby for ID????


Family status:

Hubby:  Feels old
Cho:  feels sober
Son:  is dating his mother
Daughter:  pissed cause if son is moms date,  then that makes big OLD dad HER date.............


  1. Why DIDN'T they ask hubby for ID, if they insisted you needed to have one? Seriously.

    They don't even card me for "Senior" status. *tear

  2. Never ever was asked for id anywhere ever!!

  3. I was a corporate trainer for them, in another life, pre hubs and lil monsters.

    Sorry you were shafted. (in the not good way)

  4. least you are still yound and beautiful. Merry Christmas!!!

  5. Cho, Cho, Cho !!! Merry Christmas !!!

    Ok, my ass is out of here.


  6. Great blog! and Happy Holidays!

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