Wednesday, January 16, 2013

flappy booty

Have I mentioned I am a temporary Iphone owner....
temporary cause my overpriced Droid has died, and I dont get an upgrade until next month....

I miss my Droid.

I went back to the boxing gym, after taking a couple of weeks off,  I can say its cause my hand hurt, but in reality, I was fucking lazy.

I say fucking lazy,  cause in the few weeks I took off,  my ass has gone from a semi firm state, to bouncing off the back of my knees as I walk...

This aging thing SUCKS.

I also just enrolled in a photography class at a local college....hopefully I got my application in early enough to get a spot.....

Its gonna be fun taking a class twice a week, and continuing on the exercise path,  but Im determined. 

And I need all this "me"  time.


  1. we will need a before and after ass shot to properly have a reBUTTal.

  2. Ahh, she mentioned her ASS.....

    I just went from a semi-firm state, to bouncing my balls off the FRONT of MY knees......

  3. it is unjust that being lazy has consequences. life would be so much better if we could all just sit around doing nothin (or drinkin) and still be trim taut and terrific.

  4. I wasn't taut very well, but I duz drank !

  5. I'm not even going to discuss aging with someone as young as you still are. You have no idea... yet!

    Have fun with the class! Didn't you take one a couple of years ago? It seems my "aging brain" remembers that you did.

  6. I'm 46 and still manage to run and go to the gym. Move your bouncy ass.

  7. i'm pretty sure i have a gut hanging over my pants buttons from my own special brand of complete lazy-assness this past month and a half. :0/ i'm still trying to pick myself back up again, and have yet to reach my previous level of motivation. Good Luck!

  8. This is Choleesa's blog. I see the globes right there.

  9. I had the Droid original that was crapping out and my office would not give me a new one. Finally, I quit answering calls and miraculously got the new Razr delivered in 2 I like it.


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