Thursday, January 17, 2013

From my list of nifty sayings.

"The trouble with not having a goal is that you spend your life running up and down the field and never score" - Bill Copeland.

When I first read this,  I was a tad bit troubled.  Cause I am goal-less

But just now as I typed it out,  I realized it was a soccer goal, no score...  haha. 

(even more troubled that it took me so long to catch that.)

When I was little,  I thought I wanted to be a singing scientist...
yeah you read that right...
I was going to be a brilliant scientist by day, and by night,  I was gonna be a singer....

Fast forward,  I failed science my freshman year, and had to take it again in summer school, and ended up having the same teacher who failed me....hence he passed me for fear he would end up with me YET AGAIN. 

 (no seriously,  he actually told me that he was going to pass me so he wouldnt have to spend another semester looking at me)

Its not that Im stupid or anything,  I just didnt bother to show up to class.....
freshman year equaled freedom and summer school.....well,. it was friggen summer, there were pools to play in and tans to be worked on!!

There is also the fact that I cannot sing....if my life depended on it, they would just shoot me to cease the pain in their ears....
I digress....
Being a singing scientist was the last thing I can remember wanting to be when I grew up.
And i guess since I ended up being a vadge vendor...that makes me a big fat failure...

Perhaps I could aspire to be something greater.......maybe a rodeo clown?  flapping ass all over the place while running from a bull???

There is a visual for you

Cho out!


  1. Even worse, you grew up to make an ASS out of yourself. xo

    1. Whatever Bama, its gonna be a GREAT ass in a couple of weeks. weaner.

  2. My goal in life was to be an incredible SLACKER, and I achieved that in remarkable fashion.

  3. Yeah, things don't always turn out as you expected. I have all kinds of upper level science behind my belt....and I do computer tech support for electronics. Go figure! Besides, how many little babies are running around that spent their first few minutes in one of your vadge' should be proud!

    1. "in one of your vadge' should be proud!" that cracked me up!! as if I personally had more than one vadge....LOL

  4. I can't sing either but I can tan like a sumbitch, lol.

  5. My goal was to be a mother and I achieved success at it way too early!

  6. that's funny about your teacher giving you the pass to avoid another year with you, - i've never heard of that happening at school before - i wish i had, it may have changed my whole attitude to learning.....

    i reckon that sort of thing is rife in the workforce though - there are several 'knobs' i work with who i'm sure have been promoted by gutless foreman/managers so that they don't have to deal with them and they can become someone else's problem.

  7. it's not too late to make a goal ;-)

  8. I am not a fan of goals. They go against my live-in-the-moment-slacker-fear-of-failure lifestyle.

    Also, I cannot sing, but that has never stopped me from belting it out like a diva - in my car.

    Have a good weekend!

  9. hehehee... :) thats funny! a good way


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