Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Legally Weird?

Today my firstborn turns 21!!
Is it weird that I plan to take him out and buy him his first "legal" drink?
I know he has drank before...but for some odd reason, I want to be the first person to take him out, and buy him a drink....legally.

My dad,  he didnt let me drink in front of him for YEARS....even after I was 21, with TWO kids,  he still didnt let me drink in front of him.

I had to either pour it in a cup,  or wait for him to leave so I could enjoy an alcoholic beverage...

So I wonder,  am I advocating drinking by buying him a beer?? or am I just admitting to myself and the world,  that my baby,  my sonshine,  the absolute LOVE of my LIFE  is a complete and total adult and no longer needs me??

Which brings me to this point.....Im getting old.

P.S.  thats soda in that solo cup.


  1. Depends what you buy him I suppose. A beer is ok but a Manhattan might be a bit much.

  2. Heck no it's not weird. It's a memorable milestone, and denying that your kid will ever drink is like denying that they'll ever have sex. It's more important to acknowledge it and try to impart the wisdom of safe drinking while you're there. If you were sharing a bathroom stall after doing 12 shots of Tequila, however, I might question it. ;)

  3. I prefer TWO, but I'll handle a solo cup from time to time :)

  4. A pair in the hand beats two in the bush.

  5. Totally agree with Nobody's Nothings!

  6. is it 21 to buy alcohol there??? - that seems rather old to me - it is 18 here.

    ...i'm guessing that the two of you know each other well enough by now that whether or not you buy him a drink is not really going to be a life changer - that you are talking like this tells me he's been led down a good path.

  7. You, in no way, look like the mother of a 21 year old. Hot mamma, indeed.

    And no, it's not a weird/bad thing. It speaks to your relationship that the two of you would want to celebrate the milestone together.

  8. That is awesome hot mamma.

    Sorry I've been neglectful on commenting but I still look for your pics..lol.

  9. You are looking prettier as you get older.


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