Monday, January 21, 2013

Me and Charles Manson

Hey guys.
This weekend our weather warmed up, the skies were clear and it was absolutely beautiful!!
So to enjoy the beauty,  I went on a hike.
I love to hike,  and this particular place has a pretty impressive view.
I get to this spot, I see this view, and I feel like I can accomplish anything.

 Ive been doing alot of soul searching and thinking lately, and I have come to the one conclusion that I need to start doing things for ME.
To make ME happy,  so on my way home from the hike,  all sweaty and stinky,  I walked into the Laughing Buddha, and did something Ive been wanting to do for years......
something my husband has declared he did not want me to do....but on my hike,  I decided,  its my choice, and it would make me happy,  so I did it.
I pierced my belly button....actually,  I didnt do it,  Charles Manson did.
This guy looked exactly like Charles Manson.  EXACTLY....almost made me think twice about doing it.....but I said screw it, and I did it.
And I love it!! Every time I look at it,  I am reminded that I did it for ME,  to make ME happy.
Saturday night,  I met up with an old friend from Junior and High school....had a blast!!!  A BLAST!!!!
I told her secrets I havent told anyone and she didnt judge me, which is exactly what I needed,  in fact I think she may have even seen things my way on the subjects...
I felt so damned good and renewed that I got up Sunday morning and asked if anyone wanted to go for another hike....
No one wanted get this........I WENT ALONE!!
Yup,  I went at that 5 mile hike alone!
and Im a tad bit ashamed to admit that halfway through my hike,  I had tears in my eyes....
from feeling so good.
This weekend was the first time in a very very very long time,  that I felt good about myself,  that I felt like I was my own person,  and not just someones mom, wife, or whatever,  I was mine.

This weekend I was MINE!!  What a lucky bitch!

Oh and have I mentioned,  Ive been soda free for one week!~!
AND,  I have cut back to just ONE cup of coffee....swew.........change is in the wind my friends, and I am super excited.


  1. You are getting the slow clap from me. And not in the bitchy way.

    Cho, that is awesome. I am choosing to be inspired instead of jealous. Good for you and keep it up!!

    1. Hang in there will get there!

  2. God !!! Cho just got the CLAP from Annabelle !!!

    1. oH SHIT Heff, you make me laugh!!!!!!!!
      Dont go spreading rumors now..........


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