Thursday, January 24, 2013

Purple Haze all in my brain

Im sick!!

Damn it!

Someone shared their nasty germs with me........again.

I got my flu shot like a good girl,  but now I have a COLD,  and with 
a nasty ass cough...

I am moving furniture in my lungs with every single cough.

There goes my hike this weekend....and any planned trips to the gym....
I didnt sleep at all last night.  
Thanks to some good ass day time cough medicine,  I could not fall asleep.

And I am here at work,  because I knew the pansy assed co-worker of mine 
was going to call in sick.... why do I gotta be so damned responsible?? I should have let them suffer, I brought my cough medicine with me....I read that if you take enough of it, it is considered hallucinogenic? How the hell do you spell it?? So............... Here I am........swigging on the "juice"  listening to Donna Summer......... should make for an interesting day. If you guys are lucky,  Ill post again later........while doped up on 
hallucinogenic cough medicine........
dancing purple elephants anyone?
(am I the only one who found this scene in Dumbo to be extremely scary?)


  1. Wasn't that Winnie the Poo? Blustery Day I think my son loved that as a kid.

    I have man flu so know your pain felt awful most of the week :-(

  2. That medicine made you type outside the type box, too! Some of the lines are floating in space, above the earth.

    Get well soon!

  3. *stares in disbelief at a good safe distance*

  4. Donna Summer as an illness cure, I've heard it all now.

  5. You and my whole household! I planned on getting my ass back in gear too, but it's all I can do to put dinner on the table in the evenings. Ick.

  6. Oh my gosh that Dumbo scene was the worst! I remember being more than a little skeeved out by it.
    Hope you're feeling better by now.

  7. Many are just like you. Like a bad movie, people around me home and work are taking turns getting sick.
    Yes it !

  8. I got a flu shot too. Still hoping I don't get the flu.

  9. No rest for the awesome, Cho. Hope you are feeling better by now.

  10. get well soon. vitamins can help you boost your immune system ;-)

  11. i get a flu shot every year.. it does absolutely nothing for me. i can or cant get the flu regardless


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