Friday, February 1, 2013


Hi guys!

It turns out I have bronchitis.
I went to the doctors to go over my labwork,  (which was not up to her standards) and I laughed, and wheezed, and she checked my lungs, and viola!!
Everyone here is sick.   

All with the flu.  
I can say this is the first time that the flu shot ever did me any favors...all I got was a chest full of boogers.  
No fever, no body aches, no sweats, chills or any other such nonsense.
I do however sound like Marge Simpsons smoking sisters.....get me laughing,  and its just gross.
Im all out of cough medicine,   which is too bad,  cause I was enjoying the "medicine head" 
I went through three bottles...  

Im not buying a fourth.....I think I may have a problem.....

That is all for now.


  1. Your lungs always looked FINE to me, but I'm only a Doctor Of Love, lol !!!

  2. So basically you are saying you are now addicted to Ny-Quil?

    Get better soon.

  3. You sound like you are in the wars, Selma. I'm quite partial to Buttercup Syrup cough medicine. Hope you get better.

  4. we have had two sick at work and one at home, some close calls but I survived. I have never had a flu shot, but plenty of NyQuil over the years.

  5. Hey Cho, you ok home girl?

    Worried a little here...

  6. Now I know your ok, Cho...whew.. lol.

  7. hope you get well soon. brochitis is really annoying.


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