Friday, March 15, 2013

If I were a boy....

hey y'all.

I apologize for my lack of posting,  but I havent had much to say..
It seems a positive Cho is a boring Cho...

Since Ive been away,  I have been disowned by my sister...............(Hope she's over it by the time she gives birth to my nephew....)and unfriended by my cousins husband....

I guess when you start living your life to make yourself happy, it makes others unhappy.   

Hey what happened to unconditional love??  Whats with this "I love you with conditions" bullshit??

I have also started training for the zombie apocalypse.....  

no really.... I have.

I have decided to enter a "zombie run"  its much like a "mud run" only they throw in  zombies who chase you.
Its basically the same principle as flag football...they give you a belt with flags, and if a zombie catches you, they steel a flag.  You complete an obstacle, and you may get a bonus flag.
If you cross the finish line with your flags,  you lived,  if you cross the finish line without your flags, you are deemed a Zombie...

Im totally stoked about this!!!
I even purchased an app, featuring zombies ............that chase you....that you can hear grunting right in your ears.....
Ive only completed two "missions" but so far Im digging it.
Did I mention that I am NOT a runner?? always wanted to be ,  but I  dont have the mental strength to do it...
I give up mentally long before I do physically....

But Ive been trying.  

I have been running approx. 3 or so miles at the hill where I hike...........mind you it IS down hill,  but its a start,  Ive gotten myself up to 2 miles on the treadmill.....and I managed three while running from a hoard of zombies....
something about loud moaning and groaning voiced over Justin Beiber that just creeped the shit out of me. 

I will not be taking comments about why I have Justin Beiber on my ipod thank you very much
My ass has lifted dramatically and my legs are toning up nicely...
and my mental state has been nothing short of "sunny"..... 
even I am sick of my smile!!

Fun fact about Cho:

if I could be a man for a day,  the three things I would want to experience.....

1. a blow job, preferably given to me by someone with my exact "set of skills" (so I can see how good I really am)
2.  masturbate....
3.  have sex......again with someone of my "exact set of skills"  for same reason....
Why oh why,  would all my manly experiences by sex oriented?? 


  1. Yep, misery gets me to the keyboard but other times.....

    I would love to be a man for a day. Of course the entire day would be centered around my penis.

    Zombies would *have to* be chasing me before I would voluntarily run anywhere.

  2. You know, even if zombies were chasing me, I don't think I could run. I'd just have to outwit them somehow!

    But good for you! We recently had a similar thing here and it sounds like everyone who attended had a great time. Although some of the zombies were on roller skates and that seemed unfair to me.

  3. I've been doing a lot of running in the past few weeks... just not the same kind you are. I'm quite happy to be home and no longer running!

  4. I am glad you're enjoying the zombie app! I'm pretty terrible at running, but my secret to continuing is to not take it too seriously. I don't pay attention to how vast (actually, how slow) I'm going, because it was just too discouraging. I figure just running is beating out more than half the population anyways.

  5. yes, you are thinking like one of us!

  6. hey, im thinking about doing a zombie run too! there's one here on Long Island in May.

    come on down and join me!

    1. If I could come down there I would....

  7. If I could get past you saying "steel" I might show you mine and grunt in your ears, hahahahaha.

    1. OH but they do "steel" the steal it really hard....hence the steel, smartass
      you couldnt just send a discreet email??

  8. i dont like to be a man, but i like to know how they think ;-)


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