Thursday, March 28, 2013

My pitiful 200th post

this is my 200th post......woopty fucking doo!!

its also a pity party......

There are reasons why a diabetic is 3 times more likely to be depressed.

Heres the fuck why:

1.  you  are not supposed to eat anything that actually tastes good.

2. you are supposed to exercise for at least 50 minutes  of  cardio...daily.

3. you have people "with good intentions" constantly watching you like a hawk

4.  you have to poke yourself with a needle at least three times a day squeezing blood out of your body just to make sure that you will live for another 3 hours.

5. some of them have to inject a foreign "substance" (insulin) into their bodies and 

A. hope it gets the job done,
B.  hope they didnt shoot too much that it sends them into a coma and 

C. hope they dont turn into a raging bag of anger and or tears,  because it is after all a HORMONE.

and last but not least,  when you have done all of the above because you dont want to end up blind, in a coma, on dialysis,  or dead,  and STILL  your blood sugars are three times higher than they should be.

why bother?


  1. Personally, I kinda like whore moans.

  2. Well, in order to keep your fabulous boobs jiggling, I suppose.

  3. Oh, and happy 2(.)(.)'th post !!!!

  4. I can always count on you two to make me laugh!! : )

    ((.)) ((.)) (boobs jiggling)

  5. Because the alternative sucks!

  6. Awe honey. Suckage, my friend. Monster fucking suckage.

  7. I know. But you keep on plugging away, doing your damnedest....because what's the alternative?

    Happy 200!

  8. Because you'd be dead most likely if you didn't.

  9. You are a strong mujer joven,Cho. Sorry, I couldn't figure out how to put one of those little things over the "o" in joven.

  10. :( Happy 200th Post, and keep going what you gotta do.

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