Friday, April 5, 2013

lack luster and shine

I have lost all motivation and any creative spark that I had.

I was SO determined to do my Zombie Run,  and so determined to get my diabetes in check, but life keeps fighting me.

I got nasty NASTY shin pain in my last Zombie mission, and have not gone back to finish it..
Any runners out there know of a good cure??

My stupid gym decided to close until June 30 for "renovations" ahem,  what kind of stupid assed gym closes right before summer??

So I have been redirected to one that is 2 minutes from my job.  At first I thought it ideal,  a hop and a skip from work...I was even under the stupid impression that if I liked it,  I would be calling it my new home....
but alas,  from the first foot I stepped in that place....I hate it.

Its small,  its unorganized, the machines are terribly antiquated,  the cardio machines are upstairs in which could only be described as a "loft" - where there is NO airflow,  and the ceiling is about a foot and a half from my head...stale, and stinky up there.
And Im no expert, but I say it fails on a massive level as far as Feng shway goes  (yes, I know its spelled wrong)

**funny side note:  I read that if you do a vinegar rinse on your hair, it leaves your hair extremely shiny,  and the smell goes away once your hair dries...FACT!!! I had the shiniest fucking head of hair yesterday,  and no stink....
and then I went to the gym and started to sweat......
AND the smell came back........
so there I was working my ass off in a stanky, stale,  no air flow having "loft" ......
smelling of pickle.... 
leaving the other gym members with a choice....
do they stay up in that "loft"  and smell pickles while they get their cardio on.....(cause the stench WAS rather pungent)
do they leave,  and not get their cardio fix?
Im evil......I know........but this made me laugh very hard,  until I couldnt stand my own smell and left....

I havent picked up my camera in months....
not even when the hubby surprised me with NASCAR tickets......

I am feeling uninspired and just plain lazy and I blame it all on the sugars...they spike, they drop, they spike again.

As hard as Im trying to feel better,  I actually feel worse. 
I am told all will be well, once I figure out my insulin needs, and adjust accordingly,  but in the meantime,  I have to  walk around feeling like a drunk,  an addict,  or just plain ass... while I dont really mind the "drunk" feeling,  I know when I feel like that, Ive dropped too low,  I dont like feeling like an addict,  I cant stand the shakes...and well, Ive never enjoyed feeling like ass...just not my thing.

Welcome to my current uninspired,  ass feeling, pickle smelling world..


  1. You have inspired me to do better with my diabetes. I have type II and at first I followed the plan. Lost lots of weight and then....I decided I should be able to eat like regular people. I must admit it was Thaksgiving. The tired and listlessness...that describes me in a nutshell. Love the vinegar hair. Would actually be a nice scent for Easter! But yeah, stay away from that funky gym.

  2. for the shin splints, you should ice them down every evening until the pain goes away. then start doing some physical therapy on those muscles... while you're sitting, (but preferably while standing) go up and down on your toes, then alternate raising your toes while keeping your heels on the ground. that should help strengthen those muscles and prevent that injury from happening again. :) DON'T LOSE MOTIVATION, YOU CAN DO IT!

  3. I think you should contact your gym owner and demand a better option. Ass hats. You loved Boxing, don't let idiots take it from you!

    The vinegar thing works, huh? Good to know. Beer does nicely too.

    Sorry your in the funky dumps. Maybe the Spring weather will help?

  4. Now, go spray some FDS in your hair, you'll not only take the pickle smell away, you'll smell like a stripper too. Then spray some on your shin, the "cats" will rub up against it. I heard that if you rub "cat" on most stuff, it helps.

  5. Vinegar is great for cleaning out coffee makers, and great in a douche, but DON'T be a douche and put it on your head :)

  6. I've heard that the vinegar is great for your hear - too bad about the smell coming back though. If it helps, I've heard that a final rinse of icy water will also make the hair shiny.

    Try to stay motivated. I know you can do it and will feel better as a result.

  7. life is full of ups and downs, keeping thinking about the ups!

  8. ha, that is very funny that you stunk the stinky gym out.


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