Monday, April 22, 2013

Loving life in So. Cal...

Hi guys,

Im done being angry,  I knew it was a passing fancy,  but somedays it hits hard.
P.S.  I filed for child support once, asshole quit and I missed more work trying to get the papers I gave up.  If I filed now,  he might take that as an excuse to start coming around and in the end, I definitely dont want that...

I love living in California....and this weekend I went out and experienced California...

 I went to the beach on Saturday...I love the beach.  I love the sound of the waves, the feel of the sand, the sun on my skin.....

yeah yeah, Im au-naturale.....but Im going to the who needs makeup???

Go Dodgers!!!

Obviously, I need to work on my tan....and a lot harder at the gym.....but Im making progress.....

I saw a mother flucking whale!!! Excuse my excitement,  but i saw a mother flucking whale!!  From all my google searches, I am guessing it was a gray was huge,  and it was close to shore....Right where the waves start to break,  it was THAT close!!! I didnt get a picture, cause i was just so AWED by mother nature at that point.  AWESOME!!!

Then Sunday, I went to annual pass is about to expire, so Im getting in my last hurrahs while I can.....

This is what happens when you try to squeeze a big woman ass in a little girl sized slide....but I got a giggle out of it.....then I hit up the bars....I told you guys that I bar hop at Disneyland...member???

And this is what happens......
I drink a few of these babies, and I start posing like Im posing for friggen Hustler or something....
Whatever, I had myself a good time!!!


  1. Glad you had a wonderful time! You deserve it!

  2. One of my boys is in Cali right now, enjoying the beach, some baseball and the beautiful weather.

  3. PLAYBOY, MAYBE - but I assure you - those aren't "Hustler" poses, lol.

    1. Heff, Ive NEVER opened a Hustler....ever.

  4. I see you brought you "flotation" devices.

  5. Go Dodgers! Go beach! Go lucky slide! Go lucky rope bridge!

    GO CHO!

  6. ha - here i am thinking disneyland was all kids rides & disney characters - never thought of it as a place to do a bar crawl - seems our little clan might make the trip after all.

  7. Gurl, you does no dat black menses loves dem some expanic womans. I shole like da way you be pointin da way wif you shirts and dem legs, dizam to da hizamm.

  8. Your 'woman-size ass' looks just right in that slide... ;o)

    I want to see a whale... I'm jealous of you.

    I've applied to attend a two-week long workshop in San Diego... I hope I get to go... that would be great fun!


  9. Nothing like playing on slides and bar an amusement park no less! And whale spotting! Let me rephrase....mother fucking whale spotting!

  10. wow! a big whale close to the shore. i couldnt have shouted or tell anyone about it. and your tan is good. CA will surely give you more ;-)

  11. no whale pics? boo! thats soo cool!


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