Tuesday, July 2, 2013

what Im up to...

I know its been a while,  but I have nothing of value to say...not that I ever did before.
Since Ive been away,  not much has happened actually....

*I got to watch my future star  brother in law (for lack of a better relationship label, the little brother of my brother in law...and by the way, he isnt so little!!)
play a "game"


*I am a permanent iphone owner. (miss the fuck out of my droid)  BUT.........Ive got an AWESOME case that is only available for the iphone!


*Did not get the photography class I wanted.


*Have not touched my camera in two months

*Renewed my pass to Disneyland, because YES, I am a drunk,  and Im spoiled. 

*Have fallen off and gotten back on the workout wagon.

*Have suffered the INDIGNITY of having the Dilda get promoted.........in essence almost making her my boss. Which caused me to remove ALL personal items from my workspace,in preparance (is that a word?) for my quitting... prompting a closed door meeting with my boss, where I informed him I could not work under her, and he informed me that she would NOT  be my boss.........

*Have discovered that I LOVE scotch......with ALOT of lime and ice.

*Have a much better relationship with my sister.

*Am absolutely ADORED by my niece. 

*I have a new nephew...........and I absolutely adore him.

*Have installed a window AC unit in the hovel and while my bedroom IS significantly cooler,  the damn thing rattles the entire bedroom, therefore I have not been able to sleep in the bedroom since the damn thing got put in....how bout that???  (gonna take it out and reinstall this weekend, hopefully that'll fix it)

*Have gotten COMPLETELY hooked on "Rescue Me"


  1. Personally, I love a window unit for sleeping. The constant sound drowns out the outside noise. Instead, I have to count on a noise maker to do that.

  2. Those are things. Things are happening.

    I too have things. They are about like yours. Non events that make up the days.

  3. scotch with lime & ice?? - haven't heard of that before, but heck, i'm goin to give it a crack


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