Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Little F*$kers!!!!

Well,  Im glad to see there are still a few people hanging around.

I wanna apologize for my absence....

I got nuthin people... I got nuthin.

Also,  I am lurking around reading your blogs....but again,  I got nuthin.

Nothing of intelligence, interest or even slightly amusing to say...so instead, I lurk,  I read,  and I stay silent.

This morning,  I was attacked by ants.  I have never seen so many ants in one place, and as I sprayed and tried to clean them up,  they attacked me.
There was soooo many of them,  that for a brief instant as they crawled up my arms,   I WAS TERRIFIED. 
I kept seeing pictures in my head of horror movies,  people being consumed alive by insects...then after taking a second shower,  I found a spider on my bed!

Now, my hovel is many things....too small, too old,  too hot in the summer, too cold in the winter.....
but the one thing it usually isnt, is home to insects...
(Im gonna blame it on the heat, humidity, and rain that we had yesterday).....
so needless to say,  I sprayed the shit out of everything this morning,  (came to work looking like I rolled out of bed)  and will be spraying again this weekend just to make sure there arent any survivors.

And this my friends,  is the excitement I have right now.  Its all I have to write about....
Ill get off my butt and live some life so Ill have something other than bugs to bore you with.


  1. Careful with the bug spray, it's not good for you!

    Got nuthin? Girl, I've tried to tell you, if you've got a camera, you've got something! If it wasn't for occasional photos, I'd have nuthin either.

  2. Those damn ants! I hate 'em! Once they decide to invade it becomes an all out war. I'm pulling for you to win.

  3. fyi i hid a tarantula in your shower drain...

  4. I one woke up and went downstairs. when I walked into the kitchen my girlfriend of the time started screaming. There was a spider on my face. Don't worry about not having anything to write about, I'm pretty much the same at the moment and I have had loads of time to blog. It happens.


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