Monday, October 7, 2013

Some things I've learned.....the hard way.

The truth hurts. 

so does love

everything comes full circle.

repeating the same mistakes over and over again, will only guarantee the same results over and over again.

the heart wants what it wants....whether right or wrong.

you cannot change someone.

happy is a state of mind that is very hard won.

compromise,  everyone must.

You are the most beautiful, when you are being yourself.

Changing to please someone else, only makes you miserable.

Be true to yourself,  its the most important truth.

Judge not,  we've all made mistakes.

The grass is not always greener,  you only see what a person wants you to see..

Never lose yourself in someone else, they probably dont deserve it.

Everyone can be replaced.

Sweet words can make an ugly man beautiful.

The right words can charm you right out of your pants.

The wrong words can cut deeper than any knife.

Being ignored is the worst form of injury

Flattery will get you anywhere

you can only fool the willing.

eating your words can give you indigestion,  but biting your tongue hurts like hell

black and white is simple...grey is very complicated.

revenge only hurts the person seeking it

you probably werent the first choice

some heartbreaks never heal

everyone deserves a second chance, but giving someone  a third chance is just plain stupid

everyone has at least one quality or trait that makes them beautiful

most people are just better off being seen and never heard

someone is always offended

you only live once, and how long you live is not guaranteed

regretting what you have NOT done is a helluva lot worse then regretting what you have done.


  1. Much good philosophy in there. Not sure I agree with all I've taken a decision to do something I remember making that choice and I do regret what I did rather than regretting I didn't do it.

    Being true to yourself is the hardest thing I've ever tried to live by it is a daily effort.

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  3. deep truths you're wading through.
    but i can tell you've got on your big girl panties and your shit kickers.
    you'll get to safer ground.

  4. All of this is very accurate...

    People amaze and astound me...

    You sound as if you are hurting... I hope not... :o(


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