Wednesday, October 8, 2014

And so it began

Lets take it waaaaaay back to the Zombie Run. Because to the best of my knowledge that's when it all started.

I was nervous as fuck, if anyone one from then is still here now, you'll remember that I posted about how nervous I was.... The husband decided to pick a fight with me that morning. Threatening that he wouldn’t even be going. 
 I needed him to go. 
I was scared, I was nervous, and I wanted my husbands support. 
He went, albeit grudgingly, acting all put out by the entire thing, until my friends showed up, then he "show-ed" up too. Playing the loving, "Im here for you" husband role that he so frequently played to perfection, (often making me look like a bitch who had no reason to be a bitch.)

At the end of the run, participants got a free beer, and there was food and music. 
I was drinking my free beer when my friend said something that made me laugh, causing me to spit my mouthful of beer out, and unfortunately I sprayed my husband.....

Ok, I had just survived the fucking zombie apocalypse, and I get reamed by the husband for apparently already having had too much to drink (yeah, the half of the one beer) the man had a FIT. And for once, he did it in front of people.. (FYI: I never tolerated my children throwing public tantrums or tantrums of any kind for that mattter)

Well, shit! If I cant even celebrate outrunning the zombies with a little laughter, then what the hell do I have left?
Now we had problems, and lots of them before this, but on this day - MY day, I decided there was one more thing I needed to outrun. 
I think this day was the straw that broke the camels back. 
On this day, I mentally declared that SOMETHING had to change.


  1. Uh oh, this sounds like the start of something big!

  2. Oh man... this doesn't sound good...


  3. You certainly have our attention... (welcome back, btw!)

    -The Commentor Previously Known as NobodysNothings

  4. I came here expecting boobies but instead all I found was zombies and a guy throwing a mantrum over a beer spray.


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